Jochem Schreurs

Fresh and analytical

“First of all, nice that you are reading this. My name is Jochem. Cocky, inventive, analytic and energetic are terms that describe me. Uninhibited is a term others like to add. I believe in having fun, and this is something you can only transfer when you experience it! That is the reason why I started Fresh Habits with Sophie. We take on the projects that we really like. Not because we are lazy, but because that is when we can truly make a difference. When we think we can’t make a difference, we will let you know, fully transparent. Outside of work I get my inspiration from doing sports, and work challenges me to come up with creative solutions that optimally benefit our clients. In the area of sports, I dare to say that I take on almost all challenges. Sports helps me to get to know myself and to use new insights to keep on developing myself. I would really look forward what your company needs to keep on develing.”  

Sophie den Hartog

fresh and inspiring

“I’m Sophie. I am enthusiastic, interested, critical, motivating and creative. Just like Jochem, I believe in having fun and that is very important to have fun in our work. In addition, ‘together’ and ‘honesty’ are key to me. I stand behind the things I do, otherwise I will not do them. This applies to the solutions we come up with and our way of working. I like to have variety in my work, sports and free time. From doing new things, meeting people, travelling and above all learning and experiencing enriches my view. That is why we do not have standard solutions: every situation asks for a different approach – which we will co-create. This is always derived from our believes and way of thinking. In my free time I am currently working on my PhD on innovative work behaviour. I like to walk the line between practice and science. With Fresh Habits, I want to help people and organisations change, have fun, create experiences of beautiful things together!”