Leadership programs

No guts no glory. No self awareness and vulnerability, no impact

Management Development has not changed in years. The starting point is often to ‘avoid the issues of the day’, while we look for and use these ‘issues of the day’.  “The obstacle is the way”. We search for a mix of 1) zooming out and reflecting, 2) creating issues of the day (by making use of experiments that unfold natural behaviour), and 3) practical themes. 
Our programs are being created and tailored by collaborating with HR, the managers and us. Furthermore, we use workshops instead of trainings. We believe that this gives the ideal mix of development and strengthens the daily practice. This is how we make the difference: not just a standard program, but an inspiring, personal program! We challenge the leaders, and they can challenge us. We also ask for a healthy doses of courage and vulnerability, both from the participating leaders and from ourselves.
Courage over comfort!