Through this mirror we look at ourselves constantly. Ofcourse our clients can do exactly the same!

Experiencing – We believe that people can only change their behaviour/process if they experience the ‘why’ of this change and what the advantages are and can become. We incorporate this approach in every intervention!

Sincere Attention – Basically we can summarize this in two easy words: truly listening.

Vulnerability – We ask for vulnerability of the groups we work with, this also means that we will show our vulnerability. You get what you give.

Fun – We accept assignments which we believe will bring us joy and fun. This is because we believe that is the only way to generate impact and for the participant to also experience fun and joy. 

Sport – We have tons of experience in sports, it inspires us. In addition, we believe that you literally need to move in order to create movement.

Transparency – The triangle between our clients, participants and ourselves is always 100% transparent.

Client Focus – We dare to believe in our creativity and we dare to listen to the client’s needs without having the desire to translate it into solutions immediately. That is why our customization is really tailor made.