Talent programs

“Modern employment; freedom is binding and to must does not work”

The job market is getting tight in many areas and recruiters are having busy days. Attracting and retaining talent is more important now than ever, yet turns out to be not easily achieved. The secret of companies that are succeeding? Modern employment.
At Fresh Habits we see modern employment as an interaction. Giving freedom and receiving ownership. Accepting mistakes and asking for lessons learned in return. Offering challenges and independence, and expecting a request for help at crucial moments. But for real, because letting go of control is required. If you only give a little bit of freedom, you will only receive a little bit of ownership.
We are convinced that all employees are talents and the process of binding talents should take place in- and outside of the walls of your organisation. From onboarding to traineeships, from reward systems to developmental opportunities. Fresh Habits is here for you!